The scripts

The project strived for increasing skills of those who are implementing measures towards gender equality in their institutions (management, administrators, HR managers, academic staff etc.); deepening the expertise of researchers interested in the gender dimension of their work; further developing skills of gender experts willing to deliver training sessions to research & innovation and higher education communities in Europe and beyond.

The project has led to delivering the scripts for overall, including both in-person and online formats, training sessions, workshops, webinars, modules within the DOCCs (Distributed Open Collaborative Courses), Summer Schools and 3 sessions within the Train the Trainer format. COVID-19 had an impact on the program implementation, requesting the consortium to shift scripts and materials from offline to online in the course of the project and continuously adapt face-to-face formats to online settings. For this reason, some of the scripts in the following chapters are provided for both online and offline settings without necessarily having been conducted in an offline setting due to the interruption of COVID-19.

This report has been prepared in the framework of WP4 (Concepts and materials development and testing), fully documents all developed, reviewed and applied concepts for the different GE Academy formats (including all their accompanying materials) during the project duration, including the pilot sessions.

GE Academy Training scripts