Read our interview on GEECCO newsletter

We are very happy to be featured in the latest newsletter of our sister project GEECCO. Irene Jorge interviewed Vasia Madesi, deputy coordinator and communication manager (ViLabs), and Lut Mergaert, scientific coordinator (Yellow Window) of the GE Academy project.

The fourth issue includes the following topics:

  • The GEECCO Project: Overview
  • Joint Campaign for 8 March 2019
  • GEECCO Initiative of the Month
  • Sister Project Section: Gender Equality Academy 

and more topics on upcoming events and interesting reads.

Get a glimpse of the interview

– Should new collaborations be undertaken to advance gender equality in science, technology and innovation?

To advance gender equality in science, technology and innovation, we need to reinforce and better coordinate current and existing collaborative efforts between different stakeholders, whilst also expanding the collaborations with stakeholders that are not sufficiently engaged. – Lut Mergaert

Download the newsletter and read all about GE Academy, here.

GEECCO is an EU funded project, which brings together a consortium that is characterised by the focus on the STEM field. GEECCO will increase the number of RPOs and RFOs that start to implement gender equality plans (GEP).