Re-humanising work and life in academia and research

Women and men as partners in building gender equality | Webinar
  • 20 October 2021
  • 10:00-11:15 cest (Brussels time)
  • Jen de Vries
  • Tim Muirhead
Learning objectives
Promote reflection and dialogue about:
  • the different challenges, and the different work, of women and men in creating both equity and humanity in all spheres of work and living.
  • creating equity with work/life balance, not at the expense of it.
  • keys to doing this work in partnership (beyond ‘men as allies’ to ‘men and women as partners for change’)
  • the ‘bifocal approach: the personal and the structural/cultural
  • working as partners in doing the gender equality work
Who is it for?
  • DOCC participants
  • HR officers
  • Head of departments
  • GE officers/diversity officers
  • Women and men (self-identified) wanting to engage in gender equity
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Re-humanising work and life in academia and research

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Jen de Vries

Independent gender strategy and organisational development consultant and researcher

Jen completed her PhD at the University of Western Australia, followed by a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the GEXcel (Centre of Gender Excellence) University of Orebro, Sweden. Her particular specialisation is organisational culture change, and how this can be pursued through linking individual development to organisational change.<br /> Her expertise in the area of gender equality and transformative organisational change is internationally acknowledged, with clients based in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Europe.<br /> She was commissioned by Universities Australia Executive Women and the LH Martin Institute to write Mentoring for Change, a guide to establishing good practice programs across the sector. Jen is now placing increasing emphasis on engaging men in gender equality work and has partnered with Tim Muirhead in developing the Partners for Change program. This cutting edge program brings men and women together as partners in creating organisations where all can thrive.

Tim Muirhead

CSD Network (Community, Spirit, Development), Director

Over more than 30 years Tim Muirhead, of the “CSD Network” has amassed wide experience in all aspects of personal, community and organisational development. The CSD Network, established in 1993, specialises in these fields, working with all spheres of government, as well as the business, academic and not-for-profit sectors. As a non-Aboriginal person, Tim explores, with other members of the ‘dominant culture’, what we can do to build a healthier relationship with Aboriginal people. More recently, Tim has worked with Dr Jen De Vries to bring the lessons of this Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal dialogue to the challenges and possibilities of gender partnership.<br /> Tim is the author of “Weaving Tapestries – the new handbook for building communities” and Finding Heraan, an allegory about how we hold our truths while still remaining open to the often different truths of others.