Project outputs

The GE Academy project developed and implemented a high-quality capacity-building programme on gender equality in research, innovation and higher education. The project outputs are:

  • The GE Academy’s brand and website, which is the single entry point accessing all project outputs and service.
  • The Trainers’ database, including the trained gender experts (TtT alumnae/-i) on how to use GE ACADEMY’s training material and gender experts engaged throughout the GE ACADEMY’s implementation phase.
  • The DOCC platform, a self-paced e-learning platform with free-browsing courses on gender equality topics relevant to research and higher education settings
  • The online repository of training activities, which includes past training activities held within the context of the GE ACADEMY.
  • The Training scripts and materials, which includes all the materials prepared for the training sessions held within the context of the GE Academy.
  • The Inventory of key resources, a document providing the most relevant and up-to-date key resources and training materials needed to feed the training design process.
  • The Quality standards booklet, a document containing quality standards organised by areas and formats, revised based on monitoring and evaluation results.
  • Two Policy briefs, policy recommendations, drawing on experiences and lessons learnt from GE ACADEMY
  • The Position paper on certification system, a paper on the perspectives connected to the implementation of a certification system for the quality of gender equality training