How to mitigate gender bias in academic recruitment and promotion

Our project’s pool of available recorded webinars is growing!

After completing the webinar ‘Gender bias in academic recruitment and promotion. Recognizing and overcoming it’ the recorded session is now available on GE Academy’s YouTube channel.

The webinar has been carried out by our project management and scientific coordination team and featured key note contributions by Heidi Mertens, coordinator of the KU Leuven Diversity Policy Office, Jadranka Gvozdanović, linguistics professor at Heidelberg University and gender expert and Andrea Bardyn, policy advisor at KU Leuven’s Diversity Policy Office.

The scope of the activity focused on sensitising about the benefits of recruiting diverse talents and highlighting how bias is often embedded in recruitment processes, tools, and lexicon. The training activity provided attended the chance to familiarise with existing promising practices.