How to communicate “gender” in times of resistance

Online Training: How to communicate "gender" in times of resistance
  • 28 April 2021
  • 12:00-15:00 cet (Brussels time)
  • Susanne Dietrichson
  • Vibeke Hoem
  • Linda Marie Rustad
  • Trine Rogg Korsvik
Learning objectives
  • Sensitise about the importance of gender-sensitive communication and provide introduction to what this notion might entail
  • Discuss strategies for gender-sensitive communication
  • Provide concrete tips and tricks
Who is it for?
  • Researchers
  • Communication officers at academic/research institutions
  • Gender Equality Plan team members in academic/research institutions
  • National Contact Points for Horizon Europe
Training Material


Photos & Headlines to be used in groupwork

Part 1

Photos & Headlines to be used in groupwork

Part 2



Vibeke Hoem

Adviser at Kilden

Vibeke Hoem is Adviser at Kilden She holds a MA degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Oslo. Vibeke has worked several years with issues concerning gender equality, domestic violence, and social inclusion of refugees and immigrant youths, in both the Norwegian government sector and in NGOs. Vibeke has been Information Officer in A Drop in the Ocean, a voluntary humanitarian organisation that work to help refugees and displaced persons. Since April 2020, Vibeke has worked to develop a digital communication platform ( for the SYNERGY Network against gender-based and domestic violence, on assignment from the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security. At Kilden, Vibeke is responsible for coordinating social media platforms.

Susanne Dietrichson

Senior Adviser and Science Journalist at Kilden

Susanne Dietrichson is Senior Adviser and Science Journalist at Kilden She holds a MA degree in Literature from the University of Oslo. She has worked with editing and dissemination of academic writing in several years; as a freelancer, publishing editor and science journalist. Susanne has published numerous articles on gender related topics in Kilden's news magazine, such as health and gender, women's history, gender-based violence, gender roles in academia, working life, families, education, art, LGBTQI, etc.

Linda Marie Rustad


Linda Marie Rustad holds a degree in Philosophy from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She is actively engaged in Nordic, European and international cooperation on gender equality in research, including the gender dimension in research content. She has worked as a researcher and lecturer at Centre for Gender Research at the University of Oslo, Norway and has written several articles in feminist theory and reports on gender equality in research. Rustad has worked as a senior adviser at Universities Norway responsible for the Committee for gender balance and diversity in research commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Research. She was a former member of the Helsinki group on women and science in the European Commission and participates in several project funded by Horizon 2020, including GE Academy.

Trine Rogg Korsvik


Trine Rogg Korsvik is Senior Adviser at Kilden She holds a Ph.D. in history, specialized in the history of feminism and women’s movements. She has experience from European research cooperation on gender related issues and as a researcher and lecturer at the Centre for Gender Research at the University of Oslo. Since 2017, she is running the Kilden initiated project Integrating the Gender Dimension in Research, presenting best practices from a variety of scientific fields, and is managing Kilden’s women’s history project Trine has published numerous articles and books on gender related topics, including «What is the Gender Dimension in Research?», with Linda Marie Rustad.