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Our vision is to spread the GE Academy trainings throughout Europe. Are you interested to become a host institution?

Available in-person trainings and workshops

Find below the available trainings and indicative dates and contact us at in case you are interested to host a training.

Title Duration Indicative Date Type Status
Facilitation of change processes towards gender equality 2 days January 2020 In-person training Not available
Participatory methods to support institutional change for gender equality  1 day February 2020 Workshop Not available
The sex and gender dimension in sciences and technology fields 1 day February 2020 Workshop Available
Gender Equality Plan design and implementation 1.5 days March 2020 In-person training Not available
Building coalitions and mobilising actors 0.5 day April/May 2020 Workshop Not available
Gender in curricula and teaching 1 day May 2020 In-person training Available
Managing Gender Equality Plans teams 0.5 day June 2020 Workshop Not available
Introduction to gender equality in Research and Innovation 1 day September 2020 In-person training Available
The sex and gender dimension in sciences and technology fields 1 day October 2020 In-person training Available
Gender bias in recruitment, promotion and career management 1 day October 2020 In-person training Available
Gender in decision-making 0.5 day October 2020 Workshop Not available

Please, note the following:

  • We aim to spread our training sessions over as many countries as possible and that we will prioritise central locations.
  • Training sessions are conceived for groups up to 25 participants, of which 8 can be reserved for the host institution.
  • The training is offered for free
  • Host organisations provide room(s) and infrastructure support, as well as (light) catering during the day.
  • Host organisations also commit to running local promotion for the session.

Host organisations of the Gender Equality Academy training sessions

We would like to show our appreciation to our previous collaborators. Thank you!

Trinity Centre for Gender Equality and Leadership
Centre for Genomic Regulation
French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development
International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies
Instituto De Geografia E Ordenamento Do Território Da Universidade De Lisboa
University of Ljubljana Faculty of Arts
Vienna University of Technology