Are you interested in becoming a gender trainer for the Gender Equality Academy? Join us with your application!

Two Train-the-Trainers sessions held under the project’s lifetime on gender equality in research, innovation and higher education. The aim of these sessions was on strengethening training and facilitation skills as well as on addressing typical challenges that gender trainers may confront such as resisstances. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the face-to-face Train-the-Trainers-session shifted to a fully online format. The dates and respective focus of the sessions are presented below:

First Train-the-Trainers session: 

In autumn 2020, 3 preparatory sessions as well as a 3-dayTrain-the-Trainers session took place:

  • Preparatory session 1: 10th of September 2020
  • Preparatory session 2: 26th of October 2020
  • Preparatory session 3: 6th of November 2020
  • 3-day-Train-the-trainers coaching session: 4th of December 2020

Second Train-the-Trainers session: 

A dedicated online coaching programme was implemented in 2021 once the first Train-the-Trainers cycle was completed in December 2020. Additionally, peer-coaching was provided, as in some of the training formats experiences GE Academy trainers worked together with Train-the-Trainers sessions’ alumnae and alumni (as so called ‘co-trainers’).  The respective dates and topics are presented below:

# Date Topics
1 21st of January 2021 Introduction round including a reflection on the individual learnings from GE Academy training offer so far

Exchange with a senior GE Academy trainer #1 (Lucy Ferguson)

Joint in-depth working session on one of the trainings scripts developed under GE Academy including reflection which (additional) support the Train-the-trainers alumnae/alumni would need

GE Academy roll-out plan for 2021

2 11th of February 2021 Updates on the GE Academy roll-out plan for 2021

Joint in-depth working session on the PERFCKTSI-model[1] developed under GE Academy by using one training script and a pre-filled table (results see below)

3 25th of March 2021 Exchange with a senior GE Academy trainer #2 (Lorena Pajares Sanchez)

The participants could send questions / topics to be discussed with the senior trainer beforehand.

·       Situation / example 1: How to concretely integrate intersectionality in trainings, not just as a theoretical input but also in practice. How do you avoid some participants learning at the expense of others?

·       Situation / example 2: An evaluation workshop, breakout rooms: older well-known feminist scholar was criticizing the exercise and was not cooperative: How to react? Defend the proposed exercise? React to a maybe enriching deeper perspective? The approach was defended and in the end, it worked, but it threw off the schedule and the exercise could not be completed. There are many variables in that scenario at play – what is Lorena’s view on this?

Round of sharing experiences as GE Academy co-trainers and observers

4 22nd of April 2021 Welcome of new Train-the-Trainers alumnae/alumni (from session 2) and the highly qualified trainers

Round of sharing experiences as GE Academy co-trainers and observers

Presentation of the concept ‘GE Academy trainer’s database’, general discussion and input from a Trainer’s perspective

5 20th of May 2021 Presentation & feedback on the GE Academy trainer’s database (public) (draft)

Status quo and reflection on the personal training skills and competences (results see below)

Round of sharing experiences as GE Academy trainers, co-trainers and observers

6 10th of June 2021 Round of sharing experiences as GE Academy trainers, co-trainers and observers

Demanding situations in trainings and how to cope (results see below)

7 23rd of September 2021 Round of sharing experiences as GE Academy trainers, co-trainers and observers

Pan-European gender trainers’ network co-design session

8 14th of October 2021 Round of sharing experiences as GE Academy trainers, co-trainers and observers

Exchange with a senior GE Academy trainer #3 (Bente Knoll)

Reflection on the coaching process and GE Academy outlook


  • Berlin, Germany
  • 27-29 April 2020
Training language
  • English


Nathalie Wuiame (Yellow Window)
Lucy Ferguson (Yellow Window)
Maxime Forest (Yellow Window)

Selection Criteria

Minimum Criteria
  • Proven knowledge and expertise in gender
  • Training specific skills: adult pedagogy skills, communication skills
  • Organization-specific knowledge: expertise in the policy field of R&I or in change/institutional processes
  • Interest and willingness to deliver gender trainings on behalf of the GE Academy in different locations
  • Flexibility to give trainings based on host institutions’ availability and schedule
Bonus Criteria
  • Experience in facilitation techniques and group dynamics
  • Previous experience as gender trainer
  • Research experience and/or publications on structural change for gender equality
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development in gender training

The Gender Equality Academy seeks to ensure gender and language diversity and geographical balance of its training pool.

Learning objectives

The learning objectives of this session are the following :

  • Situate the role of gender training in structural change processes in research and innovation, using the Gender Equality Plan (GEP) and GEAR tool for institutional change.
  • Identify and apply gender sensitive and participatory principles and practices, as a fundamental component of transformative structural change.
  • Expand and apply the participant's knowledge on gender equality in research and innovation.
  • Understand the GE Academy processes in view of becoming part of the Pan-European network of gender trainers.

Application process

Complete the following application form by 24 January (5 pm Brussels time). In the form you will be asked about your education and professional background on gender issues and your interest in becoming part of a pan-European Network of trainers.

Costs covered/reimbursed
  • Participation in the training is free of charge. Travel and accommodation costs will be sponsored by the GE Academy (up to 650 euro maximum).

Selection procedure

  • Only short-listed applicants will be contacted in person
  • Skype interviews will be conducted with shortlisted applicants
  • The 20 selected candidates will be notified personally
  • After the end of the selection process, a general e-mail will be sent to all the applicants
Required commitments
  • Selected applicants will sign an agreement to participate in the training and potentially act as trainers or co-trainers during 2020 and 2021 (indicatively 4 non-consecutive days per year).
Relevant dates
  • Deadline for applications: 24 January 2020 (5 pm Brussels time)
  • Selection procedure: 25 January - 15 February 2020
  • Skype interviews with short-listed applicants: 17 - 28 February 2020
  • Notification to successful candidates: 20 March 2020