Gender Equality Plan design and implementation

  • March 5-6, 2020
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Maxime Forest
Learning objectives
  • Sensitise about key problems at stake regarding gender in R&I
  • Familiarise with the concept of a GEP and its main stages
  • Inform about prerequisites and key success factors
  • Build capacity for stakeholder mobilisation
  • Introduce the notion of resistances to change
  • Build capacity for on-going GEP monitoring
  • Familiarise with the GEAR tool and how to use it
Who is it for?
  • Gender equality officers/Focal persons; Equality/Diversity officers
  • GEP Teams
  • Human resources officers
  • Middle managers/Team leaders
Training material


HANDOUT 1 - EU legal and policy framework

HANDOUT 2 - Roadmap to Gender Equality Plan

HANDOUT 3 - Guiding principles of institutional change