Gender in teaching

Why is gender relevant in teaching in STEM and how to integrate it
  • 12 November
  • 09.30-13.00 Brussels time
  • Maxime Forest
Learning objectives
  • Introduce and problematize gender bias in knowledge production and knowledge transfer
  • Sensitize on gender relevance in teaching method and interaction (materials, examples, classroom communication, …)
  • Enhance self-reflection capacity to further identify gender biases in teaching methods, contents and evaluation and to tackle them
Who is it for?
  • Teachers (lecturers) by clusters of fields (STEM field)
Training materials

Power Point presentation

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Template 2_Biases and possible solutions



Maxime Forest


Dr Forest’s recent work includes the roles of Scientific Coordinator on the FP7 EGERA Project, Advisor on gender equality issues for the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education and is an appointed member of the High Gender Equality Council which advises the French Prime Minister on gender issues and he is involved with three successful Horizon2020 research projects, all focused on gender and academia.