Gender in research weeks

The Gender Equality Academy team invites you to participate in our GE Academy “Gender in research weeks”, which will take place from March to April 2021.

The online training within the GE Academy “Gender in research weeks” involves a series of 6 training sessions aiming to transfer in-depth reflections and knowledge about the integration of sex and gender dimensions in the research content of various sciences and technology fields. The trainings will enhance awareness about what each participant can do to integrate sex and gender dimensions in his/her own research and what aspects need to be taken into consideration. Our trainers Maxime Forest, Bente Knoll, Vera Regitz-Zagrosek, Sabrina Burtscher, Katta Spiel & Astrid Weiss are looking forward to see you virtually at the gender in research weeks of GE Academy!

Please, note that the first introductory session “Introductory online training on the sex and gender dimension in sciences and technology fields” is a precondition for the following trainings of that series for everyone, who is not yet familiar with the concept of gender in research.

The second session “Gender dimension in research: 4 Case Studies from the STEM Field” is a  precondition  for the sessions on mobility, human computer interaction and robotics.


Session 1 aims at familiarising the participants with basic concepts and definitions about integrating sex and gender in research content. It will go through the main issues at stake about gender in research. Only participants not familiar with the topic are addressed in this basic training.

Session 2 will give an in-depth introduction to the inclusion of the gender dimension in four (4) specific research fields: Mobility, Energy, Human Computer Interaction and Robotics.

Session 3 focusses on sex and gender dimension in the research field of Health & Medicine. For this session, the participation in session 2 is not necessary, but it is requested to already know about the content of the basics of gender in research, which are covered in session 1.

Sessions 4-6: These in-depth sessions are a follow-up on session 2 – each participant of session 2 has the opportunity to choose to take part in one or more in-depth sessions, depending on the specific interest.

  • Session 4: focusses on sex and gender dimension in the research field of Mobility
  • Session 5: focusses on sex and gender dimension in the research field of Human Computer Interaction
  • Session 6: focusses on sex and gender dimension in the research field of Robotics

We are inviting you to register for the online training series “Gender in research weeks”!

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