Gender expertise needed in the Horizon Europe “mission boards”

Call for applications for the selection of members of the Commission Expert Groups

The EC is looking for high-profile individuals with gender expertise. If you see yourself in this call, please, apply until 11th of June. A total of 75 successful applicants, divided equally among five themes, will be responsible for designing and managing the missions.

Mission areas 

  • Climate Change including Societal Transformation
  • Cancer
  • Healthy Oceans, Seas, Coastal and Inland Waters
  • Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities
  • Soil Health and Food

The Mission Boards will be implemented in two phases.

  • During the first phase, the main task of the Mission Boards will be to advise the Commission on the identification and
    design of one or more possible specific missions, with their respective objectives, indicators and timelines, from the five above-mentioned mission areas. They will do so in dialogue with Member States and the European Parliament, as well as relevant stakeholders and, as appropriate, the interested larger public. The Commission will make the final selection of specific missions in accordance with the procedures established for Horizon Europe.
  • In a second phase, and once the Horizon Europe framework programme and its budget is formally agreed, the Mission Boards will advise the Commission on the portfolio of research and innovation activities needed to support the mission objectives, providing further advice on the mission implementation including preparation of dedicated mission calls in the Horizon Europe work programme, the criteria for selecting activities to fund, as well as on wider policy measures required to secure the success of the mission.

More about the selection criteria and how to apply can be found on this link.