Gender dimension in research

Online Training Gender dimension in research: 4 Case Studies from the STEM Field
  • 18 March 2021
  • 09:00-12:00 cet (Brussels time)
  • Bente Knoll
  • Tauseef Nauman
Important information
  • This training will give an in-depth introduction to the inclusion of the gender dimension in 4 specific research fields: Mobility, Energy, Human Computer Interaction and Robotics.
Learning objectives
  • Provide an overview on gender dimensions in STEM research
  • Help to understand the concepts of sex and gender and their relevance for research – focusing STEM related topics
  • Sensitize on the importance of including the sex and gender dimension into research projects and designing more gender sensitive projects
Who is it for?
  • Researchers at (STEM related) universities and private companies
  • Research team leaders
  • Research coordinators at RPOs and RFOs
  • Research officers / research advisors / people in charge of supporting research projects
  • People in charge of the valorisation /dissemination of research outputs
  • Officers at research and transfer support units at universities
Training Materials





Bente Knoll

B-NK GmbH, Trainer

Bente Knoll has a background and long-time experience in landscape, spatial and transport planning, mobility research, environmental sciences and engineering, sustainable development, gender equality as well as systemic communication and social media. In addition to her self-employed work, she has worked as a lecturer at various universities in Austria, such as the TUW (University of Technology, Vienna). She has various teaching assignments, holds basic and advanced lectures as well as seminars in Gender Studies and Engineering. In 2010, she published a basic textbook in this topic together with Brigitte Ratzer.

Tauseef Nauman


Tauseef Nauman has an interdisciplinary background with a mix of biological sciences and technology. He is associated since 2013 with the institute of Gender in Medicine, Charité medical university and hospital in Berlin, where his work focus area is Identification and characterization of sex and gender specific methodologies for their analysis. He is among the pioneers of certified Gender Equality Academy trainers. His work comprises of the national and European sex and gender specific projects. His vision is to have gendered balance science and society.