Facilitation of change processes towards gender equality

  • February 20-21, 2020
  • Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Maxime Forest
  • Nathalie Wuiame
Learning objectives
  • Introduce the different dimensions of the facilitation of change processes towards GE
  • Introduce participatory and co-creation techniques
  • Provide examples of these techniques to driving changes towards GE in research and the academia
  • Engage in practical, real-life exercises to select and implement participatory and co-creation techniques to facilitate change processes
  • Perform a mapping of skills needed to facilitate processes of change
Who is it for?
  • GEP teams (people involved on a regular basis in gender equality plans)
  • Gender equality officers/Focal persons; Equality/Diversity officers
  • Other stakeholders directly involved in driving the change process
Training material


Self assesement exercise

Template for stakeholders mapping

Template for cause diagram

Template for journey map

Template for Lotus Blossom

Template for Persona

Template for planning GEP development