Explaining the GE Academy project at EQUAL-IST Final Conference

GE Academy’s Scientific Coordinator, Lut Mergaert from Yellow Window, participated to the Final Conference of the EQUAL-IST project,which is funded under the EU’s H2020 programme and aims at introducing structural changes to enhance gender equality in Information Sciences and Technology (IST) research institutions.

She participated in a panel discussion about “Sustainable structural transformations for gender equality in research organization: evaluation and monitoring, communities of practices and capacity buildings to leverage sustainability of change” with:

  • Thomas Berghofer (DeSY, GENERA project)
  • Susanne Bührer-Topçu (Fraunhofer Institute, EFFORTI project)
  • Lut Mergaert (Yellow Window, GE Academy Project)
  • Jorg Muller (UOC, Universidad Oberta de Catalunya, ACT on Gender Project)

The session was moderated by Maria Sangiuliano, which is also a partner of the GE Academy project.

In order to achieve an institutional change towards Gender Equality, and to make it sustainable, organizations need to build specific internal capacities; capacity building must be part of every Gender Equality Plan process development. Lut Mergaert at the final conference of the EQUAL-IST project.

Click on the video and hear more about GE Academy:

  • What we offer
  • How we support institutions to build sustainable internal Gender Equality Plans