DOCC platform

Distributed Open Collaborative Platform
General Description

The DOCC platform is a self-paced e-learning platform with free-browsing courses. In particular, the DOCC concept has been created by feminist scholars and practitioners to enact a less centralised and more interactive version of MOOCs: while the latter is delivered by one single organisation and a few instructors in the form of video courses and some offline assignments, a DOCC is a collaborative learning/training programme which can be jointly delivered by different institutions and where interactivity is enhanced. 

This DOCC platform is hosted on a WordPress LMS (Learning Management System) with advanced modules (1st iteration) or mini-courses (2nd iteration) and specific features for e-learning spaces, like an interactive forum, blog, and interactive sessions with trainers,  in order to keep track of learners’ access and use of the material. The DOCC platform  can be used by the TtT alumnae/-i, gender experts/trainers, RPOs/RFOs, change agents in research and HE institutions and HR professionals and middle management.

Three iteration phases have been rolled out within the project’s lifetime, both about institutional change in R&I, but having two slightly different approaches:

Gender Equality in research and innovation: the journey towards Institutional Change

Gender Equality Plans in Practice

Gender as an innovation in sustainable housing design