Dealing with Resistances

Advanced participatory online training: Dealing with resistances
  • 8 September
  • 09.00 Brussels time
  • Advanced session
Learning objectives
  • To enable participants to explore and reflect on the different forms and categories of resistances
  • To make participants more confident with experiencing resistances
  • To equip participants with the analytical tools required to deal with resistances
  • To develop shared guidelines and tools for addressing resistances
Who is it for?
  • People implementing gender equality plans in research and innovation institutions across the EU.
  • Members of Horizon 2020 structural change for gender equality projects.
Training materials

Power Point presentation_Session 1

Power Point presentation_Session 2

Power Point presentation_Session 3

Preparatory questionnaire_Conflict management styles

Template 1_Categorising resistances Group1

Template 2_Categorising resistances Group2

Template 3_Categorising resistances Group3

Template 4_Categorising resistances Group4

Template 5_Common guidelines