Position paper on setting up a certification for Gender Equality trainings

The GE Academy project has developed and implemented a high-quality capacity-building programme on gender equality in research, innovation and higher education. It targets several groups of actors:

  1. management, administrators, HR managers and academic staff to increase their skills in implementing measures towards gender equality in their institutions;
  2. researchers to deepen their expertise and increase their interest in the gender dimension of their work;
  3. gender trainers and experts to further develop their skills in delivering training sessions to research & innovation and higher education communities in Europe and beyond.

The position paper reflects on the potential implementation of a certification system for the quality of gender equality training in the field of research and innovation.

Gender equality training and, more generally, gender equality capacity-building has received a new impetus in the course of the GE Academy project as a result of the new eligibility criterion in Horizon Europe. This eligibility criterion requires applicants to have a Gender Equality Plan, which must be supported by training and capacity-building. To reach positive impacts and contribute to structural change in institutions, a systematic focus on quality is necessary.

The position paper is subject to approval by the REA in March 2022.

Position Paper on the Certification System